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Technicolor Seamlessly Connects Your Entire Home with Qeo

Earlier today, Technicolor introduced BSN to a private demo of their new Qeo software framework, allowing seamless communication across devices of all brands and platforms.

Imagine being able to bridge all of your gadgets and appliances in your home, no matter the manufacturer, operating system, or interface. With the Qeo ecosystem, families can do just that, while creating a custom experience within their home, across all devices. While being able to shoot your media from mobile devices to the television is no secret, Qeo can also manage your alarms, home surveillance, power automation, facial recognitions, and much more.

Check out some video highlights of the live home demonstration below:

[developing? coming soon!]

So the moment you walk through the front door, your lighting, favorite television channel, alarms, calendars, recent visitors, or social networking updates can all be presented to you across all platforms throughout your home. A ?Butler? app handles the cross-communication between all devices, coordinating them throughout your private home network. In fact, there is little to no pulling of information from an outside server unless the content demands it. The best part of the Qeo ecosystem is that it adapts to every new changed preference or event. If the room becomes a little too toasty, you can always manually override your thermostat, and the Butler will remember for your next entry. Authorized users can also explore a full history of all activity across all Qeo-enabled devices, through the ?My Butler? app.

Technicolor's "Smart Home", powered by Qeo

Safety and security plays a big part in Qeo. When an unknown person is at the door, the Butler will pull possible facial recognition matches from your social networks and then give you the option to create profiles, access levels, and notifications to your devices. Parental controls will also be much easier with this system. When your grade-school son stumbles upon The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Butler will know that it?s a movie for mature audiences. It will show the option to notify your parent and continue, or to change back to your approved programming. Dad receives a notification, and can choose to remotely lock your sneaky late-night movie that you weren?t allowed to watch.

Smart homes are becoming more of a reality, and Technicolor strongly believes that Qeo will be the future step in managing your multi-platform digital world. Technicolor?s diversification of their Connected Home Division is an interesting step for this Hollywood-renowned quality standardization giant. They pride themselves in creating new visual standards and patents to ensure that audiences view the best quality possible, across all platforms. But are they using this ecosystem to create a new experience for entertainment viewers, or are they aiming to diversify just for the sake of keeping up with the digital future? It?s difficult to tell where Qeo will go, but with major players in the storage, telecom, and networking industries already ?on board?, we?ll be following where they go next.