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Sennheiser Enters Lifestyle Listening with Momentum

At CES 2013, Sennheiser introduced the Momentum ? their entry into the lifestyle headphone market, combining brilliant sound with a tasteful, comfortable design.

Sennheiser's Momentum Heaphone

With a lightweight, stainless steel frame wrapped in luxurious leather from Ethiopia and tannery from London, the Mometum at first glance is as striking as the audio it drives. The soft leather ear cups and headband sit very comfortably, while keeping a firm grip that can withstand everyday usage of listeners on-the-go. The headphone cable is outfitted with an in-line media control and microphone, that can transport music, change volume, answer calls, and activate voice control.

Like most manufacturers, these controls are built and tested for Apple iDevices, however control of Android or other platforms should be possible. The cable is both removable when unneeded and locking when in place, to protect your investment in case your cable goes bad, or to simply use these headphones to drown out the drone of city life. The mini-TRS 3.5?? connector on the bottom can be rotated from 90 degrees each way, allowing for a streamlined connection to any mobile device.

So how does the Momentum sound? During our brief introduction at Sennheiser?s booth, before starting the music I could already tell how well it sealed off the insanity of the convention with great noise attenuation. These headphones are one of the most comfortable I?ve worn of its class, and I could feel it could last for long hours of wear. Loading up tracks ranging from indie pop to jazz, the Momentum immediately took stage and gave a clear sound from such a small, minimalist package.

Momentum comes in two color tones, black/red and brown/gray, and retails at a debut price tag of $349 USD. Over the coming weeks, BSN will be reviewing the Momentum and listen to how well it performs at the home, and while mobile. Stay tuned for more!