Why ViewSonic?s V3D231 Is the Best Gaming LED Monitor Ever

ViewSonic has been a name brand in monitors for as long as I can remember, they haven?t always been the best, but they have always been consistent in their quality. Recently, that was reaffirmed after I accidentally dropped the monitor from my desk onto the floor. Yes, I dropped it two feet from my desk, and guess what? It survived. When you take into account that this monitor is only 1.5? thick, you can understand how amazing it is that it was able to fall off my desk and not even break.

The V3D231 is an LED monitor that ViewSonic makes that is billed as a passive 3D display. It isn?t the highest resolution, at 1920×1080, nor is it the brightest (250 nit brightness). However, this has to be one of the lightest monitors I?ve ever held in my hands (weights 6.7 lbs without the stand and 7.9 pounds with the stand). And when you?re carrying this thing around with you to LAN parties and such, it?s quite impressive. This monitor has taken at least a dozen trips in and out of my house and not as far as suffered a scratch. Even when I dropped it in the process of moving it still did not falter.

The monitor itself has anything you?d ever expect to want from a 23? 1080P ?gaming? monitor, however, I would not necessarily buy it for color accuracy or 3D gaming, since it requires polarized glasses for 3D which means it isn?t a 120Hz display and you would be forced to use AMD?s HD3D gaming solution. The nice thing is that this monitor has all of the inputs you really want or need with one HDMI (1.4a), DVI-D, and VGA as well as built-in speakers. I didn?t think that the built-in speakers were a big deal until I hooked up my Xbox and realized that they were absolutely invaluable. Admittedly, there isn?t much you can expect from monitor speakers, as these don?t have much, if any, bass. However, they are quite loud and can get the job done for almost any application if you don?t mind a near absence of bass for the sake of portability.

Left to right, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and audio in (green), and headphone out (black)

The panel itself has a horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, clearly indicating the presence of a TN panel. The response time of the display is also 2ms, which to us isn?t a significant number as long as it prevents ghosting. As long as you keep the response time under 8ms, you can generally prevent ghosting. Because this display is LED back-lit, it?s incredibly thin and light, as well as cool, much cooler than my ASUS LCD. Also, it has a bit of backlight bleed from some of the LEDs, so if you need absolute blacks in your games or movies, expect to see some backlight bleed. In my opinion, this is the only setback of the display.

I?ve taken this display with me to numerous LAN parties and was able to hook up both my PC and XBOX simultaneously and switch easily between the two as needed. Having one light display to carry for either XBOX or PC was absolutely a godsend considering how much lighter and easier to carry it was than my ASUS monitor.
What else is great about this monitor is that ViewSonic backs it with a 3 year warranty, which is the standard issue with most display vendors from what we have seen with the exception of ASUS, HP and BENQ. The monitor currently retails at Newegg for $229.99, which is not a bad price for what you?re getting. You may find other deals, but I doubt you?ll find a monitor as sturdy as this one with the connectivity and features that this one has.

Based on our long-term experiences with this monitor, we have to give this monitor our Editor?s Choice Award.