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AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Bundle

AMD has release yet another update to their Never Settle gaming bundles. First, they started with Never Settle, Then never Settle Reloaded and finally, they’ve released the latest iteration, Never Settle Forever. One might wonder, what else can AMD do to change their pretty successful gaming bundles? Well, for one, completely change the way the program is run.

With the previous Never Settle bundles, users were given specific games depending on which series of AMD GPU they purchased. For example, if they bought a 77XX series GPU, they would be given a certain game, if they purchased certain 78XX series GPUs, they would receive two certain titles and then if they had a 79XX they would get two of the best titles that AMD had to offer. This bundle scheme existed for both Never Settle and Never Settle reloaded. Your choice of games really was dependent upon the GPU you purchased and you didn’t have much choice.

With Never Settle Reloaded, you are given the opportunity to choose from certain games and you can choose more games as you increase the series of GPU that you’re purchasing. AMD has done this by creating three award tiers that will allow them to easily bundle multiple AMD series GPUs into a single tier instead of associating the free games with certain specific series.

As you can see above, with each greater tier, more and newer games are added to the list. And for every tier you go up, you gain another game you can pick. Of course, if you look at Never Settle Forever, it looks pretty stale. Especially when you consider that Never Settle Forever drops Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3, two of the reasons why the Never Settle Reloaded Bundle was such a huge success and so many people loved it. One of the ways that AMD plans to combat this is by allowing people to redeem their awards at a later date and hold on to their credits until a new Never Settle title is announced and by that point they will want that game. This is somewhat of a gamble, assuming that the card you purchased will include the new title that you are waiting for. I specifically asked AMD the question whether or not all new titles will be available in all tiers and they could not say yes, which clearly means that only the upper tiers or highest tier will get the newest titles.

Either way, AMD is still giving users more choice, even if the choices have been reduced from what they were before. AMD is clearly making an effort to give users what they want and then improve upon it. The real question will be whether or not AMD will release their new flagship Gaming Evolved titles to reward tiers below gold and if they do, how stingy will they be with them.

Another thing about this new bundle scheme is that all coupons must be claimed by the end of the year and all of them must be claimed at the same time. You can not claim one game from the gold tier and then wait for 2 games to come out and use the rest of it. This is a brilliant scheme on AMD’s part because it means that fewer people will redeem their games right away since most games currently available aren’t that new or desirable. This will temporarily reduce the burden on AMD to fulfill these coupons and they can spend more time preparing for the larger product launches.

If AMD’s past history is to be believed, we will most likely see Battlefield 4 and Titanfall as titles for AMD’s Gaming Evolved program and will likely join the Radeon Rewards program as part of the Never Settle Forever bundle. AMD has not confirmed either of these titles, but Battlefield 4 is almost a definite title. AMD will likely sell a ton of GPUs purely as a result of that bundle alone, also taking into account that they will likely have a brand new GPU available at that time as well. There’s a good chance that Q4 could be a perfect storm for AMD’s GPU sales.