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Mushkin Shows Off Fastest USB Drive and New PCIe SSD

As we continue with more flash-based news from the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, we have some interesting news from Mushkin. Mushkin has moved themselves into being a bigger player in the solid state storage space, and today appears to further propel the company forward into that direction. Today they announced the Ventura Ultra USB 3.0 drive and final production units of the Scorpion Deluxe SSD.

Mushkin claims that their Scorpion Deluxe PCIe SSD is capable of maximum speeds of up to 2165 MB/s read and 1990 MB/s write (most likely sequential). Mushkin claims that their Scorpion Delux drive is capable of 100,000 4K read IOPS. The drive itself currently has no pricing available on Mushkin’s site, however, you can see that they will be making capacities available ranging from 240 GB up to 1920 GB per PCIe drive. The drive itself is PCIe Gen 2 and features Quad SandForce SF-2281 SSD processors with un-throttled IOPS for controllers. Additionally, is rated for a 1 million hour MTBF and is covered by Mushkin’s 3 year warranty.

Mushkin Scorpion Deluxe 1920GB

Following that blazing-fast SSD, Mushkin is also showing for the first time their new Ventura Ultra USB drive. Mushkin claims that their Ventura Ultra 240GB USB 3.0 drive is the world’s fastest flash drive with speeds reaching up to 455 MB/s read and 445 MB/s write rate (sequential) and will come in 120 GB and 240 GB capacities. Details on how they achieved this are light, but considering that we reviewed the Kingston HyperX Predator and it was the fastest drive we’ve ever tested, we’re really interested to find out what the internals of such a drive could be. After all, the next fastest competitor is half as fast and that’s still pretty damn fast. The drive will be available, like it’s big brother, in late August.

Both of these products will be available towards the end of August and we’ll be sure to let you know when we get one of these or both of these in our lab for testing. Personally, I’m extremely excited to see how fast this Ventura Ultra drive is, because it would be like having a pocket SSD in the purest sense of the word.