SteelSeries and ArenaNet Announce the Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard

Today, Steelseries, in collaboration with ArenaNet, announced a new Guild Wars 2 themed gaming keyboard.

The new Guild Wars themed keyboard promises a visually stunning design in the game’s distinctive artwork with a red, white, and black color scheme backed by vibrant red illumination with 8 levels of adjustable brightness. The keyboard is tailored specifically for Guild Wars 2 gameplay, with 17 raised macro keys available along the top and left side of the keyboard. Each key is programmable up to 2 layers, for a total of 250 programmable keys on the board.

Preorders on SteelSeries’s site are currently $79.99, and for a limited time receive a free Guild Wars 2 Gaming mouse with your order.

For more information, check out SteelSeries’ profile here.