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EVGA Launches miniITX Enthusiast Chassis

Right before Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, EVGA announces the Hadron Air mini ITX chassis, which is designed for small form factor systems that aim for high performance. The chassis, which measures 169 mm x 305 mm x 308 mm (W x H x D), is able to house full size double slot graphics cards up to a length of 267mm. While this excludes some of the lengthier high-end cards like AMDs Radeon 7970, it is able to house a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan.

The chassis comes with a 500W gold-rated power supply unit (PSU) with a maximum current of 40A on the 12V rail, that should be able to drive a system considering the options available with mini ITX. Given what is available in the channel this includes most current desktop platforms from AMD and Intel. Two included 120mm fans supply the components with fresh air.

On the side the chassis comes with two USB 3.0 ports as well as an audio and microphone plug. The chassis can house two 2.5/3.5? hard disks or SSDs and comes with a slim load optical drive bay. The case is backed by a three year warranty. All those details and further pictures can be found on the product website.

In their announcement EVGA also mentioned another variant called Hadron Hydro that comes prepared for aftermarket water cooling solutions. This chassis will be launched at a later date though.