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Roundup: Vendors Pitching their Wares on GigaOM

Prior to the opening of GigaOM Mobilize, vendors were scurrying to set up their booths. The event?s Headline Sponsor was Netbiscuits, followed by Prime Time Sponsors Synchronoss, Xively, Carriots, Salesforce, YP Local Ad Network, Qualcomm, ArcSoft, Ericsson, Accellion, Intel, Citrex and HP. Over 12 companies signed on as Showtime Sponsors, and 15 were listed as Partners.

Vendors had a lot of work to do preparing their booths for the onslaught of attendees. We caught a feel for the showroom floor before it was ?ready for prime time?. ArcSoft caught our eye immediately located next to the larger-than-life wooden figures.

The location of ArcSoft?s booth was easy to find
The location of ArcSoft?s booth was easy to find

Todd Peters, ArcSoft President North America spoke on the revolution of imaging technology. The topic was appropriate for the head of a company known for developing embedded multimedia imaging technologies and applications. The company?s efforts reside in more than one billion mobile phones. Consumers use ArcSoft to create digital photos and videos on phones, tablets, and cameras from such well-known companies as Nokia, LG, Samsung, Qualcomm, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.

Everything was a blur as vendors rushed to get their booths ready for the attendeesMichael Deng, ArcSoft’s CEO, founded the company with funding from family and friends. Since the founding in 1994, ArcSoft has grown to include scientists, engineers, and talented programmers. It just seemed fitting that ArcSoft, so focused on artistic endeavors would reside beside the carved wooden figures of Stephan Balkenhol, a renowned German artist. They are just one example of his many pieces on public display around the world.

Last week, ArcSoft announced that its digital photo makeover app, Perfect365, reached 10 million downloads. Emphasizing the artistic bent of the company, Peters said: "We see the face as the palette, our users as the artists and our technology as the brush, together making a beautiful image." 

The vendors at GigaOM came together to show off their talents in other fields as well. They came to discuss the Internet of Things, BYOD, and mining mobile big data. Netbiscuits, a web-hosted software suite that lets companies develop mobile websites and apps, was appropriately the Headline Sponsor of the GigaOM Mobilize conference.

Michael Neidhofer, CEO Netbiscuits

The CEO of Netbiscuits, Michael Neidhoefer, addressed how companies can walk the mobile advertising tightrope. One of the challenges of the mobile industry is creating ads that are not only effective, but money making for the platform that delivers them. Delivering those ads to the targeted individual appropriate to time and place while not being seen as invasive or causing a privacy issue is tricky.

By knowing a user?s bandwidth, processing power and battery life, a developer can use those facts when designing a mobile app. Neidhoefer says developers should strive to create a personalized experience. To do so they need to recognize when to stream lower resolution video to users with less bandwidth or other underperforming abilities. He said most companies restrict their mobile testing to seven different devices, thus restricting their potential satisfied customer base. Netbiscuits helps their customers with analytical tools allowing them to segment their market based on device profiles. "We do real time testing of all devices that hit the market… quality assurance. We also do testing and back fixing of sites they develop." Netbiscuits serves enterprise customers such as eBay and Coca-Cola.

When asked how the company name was derived we learned that No, it has nothing to do with British pastries, break time snacks, nor cookies implanted on your computer as a result of browsing the Web. Neidhoefer explained that they built a development framework alongside a device data base which they still use for their products. They had pre-programmed code features which were the biscuits.

After (Net)biscuits, it was time to visit some Carr(i)ots

After (Net)biscuits, it was time to visit some Carr(i)ots

Keeping with a quasi-food related naming convention, Carriots is the next Prime Time Sponsor on our list of vendors. Their name is derived from CARRying the Internet Of ThingS. It just seemed obvious to complete the logo with a wireless carrot replacing the "I" in the company name.

This Madrid, Spain based company spun off from Wairbut’s Machine to Machine (M2M) division. Its intent is to help anyone build applications for the Internet of Things. Carriots is a platform as a service (PaaS) designed for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M projects connecting devices to the Internet and the Internet to the devices. They explain how it works in five simple steps on their website.
Accellion, another Prime Time Sponsor, provides secure mobile file sharing. It promises productivity solutions to enable secure, anytime, anywhere access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance. They count the US Securities and Exchange Commission and NASA among their enterprise customers. Customers can deploy in private or hybrid cloud or FIPS 140-2 certified environment. The company just announced their new embedded PDF annotation feature of its Mobile App for iOS whereby mobile users can securely conduct contract negotiations and annotate confidential documents on-the-go. Users don?t need to open sensitive documents in unsecure third party services when working via a mobile device. A GigaOM Pro whitepaper provides real world examples from Accellion customers.

The showroom floor was filled with vendor booths, conference rooms were filled with stim
ulating discussions. GigaOM Mobilize was an exciting and exhausting two days filled with opportunities to learn and do in-person, face to face networking.