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AMD Value Bundle: Buy Games, Get a Processor for $10

Couple of quarters ago, AMD launched its Never Settle bundling program with one simple purpose; buy their GPU, get AAA titles for free. Now, AMD is launching a similar program for their processors.

AMD's latest promotion

AMD’s latest promotion

Models on sale are as follows:

  • $199.99 – AMD FX-8350 CPU, Vishera, 8-Core, 4.0GHz Clock
  • $159.99 – AMD FX-8320 CPU, Vishera, 8-Core, 3.5GHz Clock
  • $119.99 – AMD FX-6300 CPU, Vishera, 6-Core, 3.5GHz Clock
  • $109.99 – AMD FX-4300 CPU, Vishera, 4-Core, 3.8GHz Clock
  • $139.99 – AMD A10-6800K APU, Richland, 4-Core, 4.0GHz Clock, Radeon HD 8670D
  • $109.99 – AMD A8-6600K APU, Richland, 4-Core, 3.9GHz Clock, Radeon HD 8570D
  • $74.99 – AMD A8-6400K APU, Richland, 2-Core, 3.9GHz Clock, Radeon HD 8470D
  • $129.99 – AMD A10-5800K APU, Trinity, 4-Core, 3.8GHz Clock, Radeon HD 7660D
  • $99.99 – AMD A8-5600K APU, Trinity, 4-Core, 3.8GHz Clock, Radeon HD 7560D
  • $64.99 – AMD A6-5400K APU, Trinity 2-Core, 3.8GHz Clock, Radeon HD 7540D

If you buy one of ten selected APUs and CPUs, you will receive Ubisoft’s FarCry 3: Blood Dragon (not to be confused with the retail FarCry 3) and SimCity from Electronic Arts. Those two games retail for $14.99 and $39.99, bringing the total value of the bundle to $54.98.

Things get interesting when you check the prices of the APUs and CPUs that AMD has on offer – the cheapest processor you can buy sells for just $10.01 more, an A6-5400K "Trinity". This APU chip consists out of two Piledriver CPU cores operating at 3.6GHz (Turbo raises that to 3.8GHz) and Radeon HD 7540D GPU (192 cores, 760MHz clock). With power consumption at 65 Watts, this $10 processor gives quite the bung for buck – especially important if you’re building a value box.

65 bucks for a processor and two games, or 65 bucks for 65 Watts of power consumption – AMD definitely knows how to round the price. If you are interested in this deal, we would advise you to "spend big" and pay 10 bucks more for A6-6440K based on Richland die: two improved Piledriver cores operate at 3.9GHz, while the GPU side of things is named Radeon HD 8470D. That’s 384 cores operating at 800MHz. That’s twice as much graphics horsepower and trust us, you need every extra pixel you can get, with both FarCry 3 and SimCity.

The main question is can AMD make a profit by selling these low-end, practically end of life processors… Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s see how things will develop on a higher margin front. In meanwhile, anyone interested to build a (Sim)City? A cute silicon-copper combo goes for ten bucks only.