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Fashioncomm A1 Watch Uses Qualcomm Mirasol Display Tech

Ever since Qualcomm announced the Toq the company has been trying to get partner companies to implement their technologies inside of their own watches. Qualcomm claims that the Toq is not supposed to be a product that they are trying to sell to compete with their customers. But rather, a reference design and platform to allow companies to refine the design and software in order to get the best experience. The FashionComm A1 (not so apty named) by Appscomm has designed a smartwatch using Qualcomm’s Mirasol MEMS display technology. This is the first of hopefully many design wins for Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology in smartwatches. Because I would really like to see a second revision to Mirasol that can do 30 FPS video and deeper colors and with less backlight.

What makes the FashionComm an attractive device is the fact that it uses Qualcomm’s 1.55" 223 ppi (288×192 resolution) display. What makes it unique is that it is also a self-contained GSM phone as well with a built-in removable bluetooth headset. It also has a 2 MP camera, music player, and fitness tracker. While battery life remains yet to be seen, we don’t know what processor it uses they claim a 190 hour on time. That amounts to about 7-8 days of battery life, which is similar to what we heard from the Toq. While this is a nice device, it will still sell for $229, which is pretty expensive for a GSM-only device. Then again, Qualcomm’s Toq is even more expensive, but does feature a touch display and wireless charging. We’re still waiting for our Toq while we play with our newly received Pebble. The best solution for FashionComm would be to do something like Omate with a 3G modem, because GSM capability will likely result in longer download times and lower battery life. Still, we hope that it sells well to improve the selection in the smartwatch market.