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PlayStation Network Breached Again?

Dozens of users on Sony’s PlayStation Network Forums are reporting multiple charges to their credit cards which they themselves didn’t authorize. Most people are reporting 2-3 transactions of $50 each, that simply charge their credit or debit cards and then load those charges to their Sony wallet. The fact that people’s cards are getting charged for various amounts without their authorizations (some while they are asleep) is a bit more than concerning.

Some users also reported that there were purchases made on their accounts once their Sony Wallets were loaded with the funds from their credit card accounts. So, clearly, someone has gained access to people’s accounts in a broad manner and have gone on a rampage charging up people’s cards and then spending it on what appear to be Fifa memberships.

It could be, though, that EA’s security has been compromised and then charging the people’s accounts. However, that doesn’t seem plausible since people would need to be logged in to load up their accounts first. Perhaps, EA is the weak point in the user account exploit that appears to have occurred, but the truth is that lots of people are getting charged and then paying for things they never actually bought. Surely, a lot of people don’t look at their PlayStation accounts and see what purchases are being made, so it may be a good thing to check your credit card and Sony Wallet for any unusual transactions.

If you have a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and have a Sony Wallet with your credit card information, we advise you check your credit card statements and make sure nothing erroneous has occurred. Hopefully we will find out soon what the core of this issue was and whether or not it was another Sony security breach or a third party that is responsible for the security lapse. Considering that the PlayStation 4 and Sony are more pro-gamer than they have been in the past, I don’t see any angry hackers trying to go after them like they did for the Geohot episode.