Sneak Peek @ CES 2014: Sennheiser

At this year?s CES, Sennheiser announced updates to their current lifestyle series, as well as new additions to their growing line of tech-savvy products, for an increasingly demanding consumer market.

Momentum has a new look

We featured Sennheiser?s Momentum lifestyle headphones at last year?s CES, which still holds its own as a brilliant marriage between fidelity & design. For around $300, and paired with a nice mobile media player, they?re still hard to beat for the audiophile on-the-go.

Nothing has changed since then, except the addition of a new color model – Ivory. This lighter ivory & white combination is a nice option with the rest of the Momentum spectrum, ranging from black on black, subtle brown, striking red, blue tones, and now a clean pearlish white.

New gaming headsets

They?re also topping off their gaming series with their new high-end headsets, the G4ME Zero & G4ME One. These headsets combine the best of acoustics from their mid-high range headphone line, and noise cancellation technologies on integrated microphones, to apparently provide a stellar gaming experience.

The G4ME One will deliver ?accurate and natural? sound quality through its open-air design. Extra large cushioned ear cups, padded headband, and ventilated frame are nice touches for ?ultimate comfort?. Sennheiser claims their G4ME Zero, a closed-ear model, is the quiestest headset to date, with extra padding and memory foam to help gamers experience every detail while not disturbing others. The Zero even folds up into an included hard carrying case.

MM 30G in-ear headset ?designed for Samsung?

Also up for unveiling this year, the MM 30G is an in-ear headset specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy smart hardware, soon available in black and white flavors. Built for comfort, these buds are tethered by an in-line control unit that can navigate through music, change system volume, answer calls – pretty much all the standard controls seen today, nothing special.

It?s unclear how this is tailored toward Samsung (maybe they certify it to work with S-Voice) but because Sennheiser?s mobile products are already leaning towards iOS, marketing an ?Android? based product just seems to cover bases.

New toys for DJ?s & producers

It seems like everyone is a self-proclaimed DJ or music-producer these days. That?s because consumers now have more tools than ever. Senny took notice and announced three all-new circumaural headphones for the prosumer world – the HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ, and the HD6 MIX.

All three headphones are durably built for specific environments with ?exceptional? external noise attenuation. Swiveling and folding ear cups, padded frames, and interchangeable coiled or straight cabling all ensure comfort and enjoyability during long listening sessions. 

The HD8 and HD7 DJ both have a low/mid frequency range emphasis so DJ?s can hear as much detail at safer sound pressure levels for longer periods of time. The HD6 MIX is a studio-based headphone balanced for accurate monitoring.

More soon…

We?ll be meeting with Sennheiser soon this week, for a closer look at all these products, and what else is in store for them for 2014 and beyond. Stay tuned!