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CSE 2014 Panasonic announces more of the same, but stronger and higher resolution

Today Panasonic announced a number of new products with a focus on the enterprise market and a few 4K innovations for their consumer product lines.

In the announcement, special emphasis was made on how Panasonic is ?more than just a TV company? and intends to bring practical 4K to a number of enterprise solutions while also bringing about new 4k consumer products that will expand their influence beyond the living room.

With an established 30+ year history in broadcast, Panasonic is releasing a new 31 inch 4K monitor intended for professional use, along with their Varicam 4K professional camera series that uses the AVC ultra codec. The camera will be able to shoot anywhere from 24p upt o 100/120p.

Also predicted was their expansion into other public viewing arenas in the fields of event production, education, museums, galleries, and other areas where the quadrupling the pixel density and high frame rate will benefit the industry immensely.

For general mobility, they announced the new M1 Toughpad which meets military specification and features GPS, 3G, Barcode, magstripe. While the model displayed was a 7 inch, they announced plans to create multiple sizes from 7 inch up to 20 inches in an effort to lead the tablet enterprise market.

In the consumer space, Panasonic announced new Life+ Screen technology which will enhance customer interaction and connectivity and will be featured in all 2014 4K and 1080p TVs. This new Life+ screen will have predictive preference technologies, with facial and voice recognition and activation during use. While it remains off, the TV will detect when a user walks by and display useful information.

Additionally they promised Plasma picture quality with LED technology, which will also be featured with the Life+ screen technology.

In the camera market, announcements were made for a 4K wearable camcorder which is waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant, with wifi capability and sharing capability. Additionally additions to their Lumix lineup with hybrid photography capable cameras.

The conference concluded touching on Panasonic?s entry into the beauty market with new products as well as their current leadership in the automotive infotainment technologies.