EVGA announces new mice and chassis at CES 2014

Today in the EVGA suite at CES 2014, they showed us their new entries into the gaming mouse line along with a pair of new chassis, along with a handful of graphics cards ripe for the gaming market.

Following a long road of development, EVGA announced the Torq X10 mouse today.
Designed for the gaming and enthusiast market, the mouse features a silver plated cable, Omron switches, Teflon coating, Torx head adjustable body and symmetrical button layout, and a customizable RGB LED. The angle of the grip can be adjusted with a provided tool and for non-right handed gamers, the included software can be used to mirror the default configurations. The included ‘Unleash’ software can be used to program the nine buttons, adjust settings and macros and save profiles into the unit itself. Further, it is interesting to note that the provided software for the mouse allows the user to adjust DPI settings for the device separately from the sensitivity of the device as well as not needing the software to switch between any preprogrammed profiles present and saved to the mouse itself. The Torq X10 is available in a Carbon edition that uses a real carbon fiber weave for the surface of the mouse.

In addition to the Torq there will be a line of budget versions lacking the adjustable main body that will debut after the Torq has hit the market.

Two chassis were also shown to us under the banner of the Hadron line: the Hadron Air and the Hadron Hydro. Both the Hadron chassis are mini-itx sized cases meant to allow for fully featured small footprint gaming builds. The Hadron Air is meant for air cooled solutions and the Hadron Hydro comes with an open loop water cooling kit that fits into the larger headspace.

Also being brought to market are a few new 780ti graphics cards with a special Kingpin Celebrity overclocker edition.