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Intel wants to remove the 'Fiction' from Science Fiction

Today at CES 2014 Intel announced a new line of 3D interaction technology under the umbrella of RealSense technologies.

With a reinvigorated focus on perceptual computing and interconnectivity on everything, Intel has partnered with a number of their usual OEMs including Asus, Acer, NEC, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, and 3D systems. This partnership with 3D systems is in response to their 3D camera technology which will be integrated into new products.

The 3D RealSense camera is capable of discerning 3D depth of field in real time, and with the proper software allow for real-time filtering. This camera features a best in class depth sensor and a full 1080p color camera. It has the ability to detect finger level movements enabling highly accurate gesture recognition, facial features for understanding movements and emotions. It can understand foregrounds and backgrounds allowing control, enhance interactive augmented reality, simply can items in three dimensions and more.

Further, their vision of NII, Natural ? Immersive ? Intuitive, interaction has expanded to a focus on improving voice recognition technology for general user interaction. Sampled at the press conference, they showed off the Dragon Natural Language Personal assistant available on the desktop for accessing anything.

Overall, while they did not present any new or particularly astounding technologies they have presented a new standard of man-machine interaction which will prove to create its own paradigms in the coming months and years.