FLIR shows off new FLIR ONE Thermal Optic Phone Accessory at CES 2014

Thermal optic company FLIR is at CES 2014 demonstrating their new FLIR ONE, an iPhone 5 and 5s compatible accessory which converts it into a personal thermal imaging device. At a projected MSRP of under $350, the FLIR One will bring the normally prohibitively expensive thermal imaging hardware to a userspace that normally would never think to even acquire it.

The FLIR ONE fits over the back of the phone like a protective case, plugging in to the charging port along the bottom and overlaying an additional camera on top of the unit at a weight of only 3.2 ounces. Accessed through the FLIR ONE MX application, the device can detect changes in temperature as small as .018 degrees Fahrenheit in variation and display it as such on screen, giving amazing visual clarity and depth for a hand held accessory unit. While being shown off, the unit was able to see these differences in temperature from up to 30 to 40 yards away.

Aside from simply being cool, FLIR posits that the applications for a hand held personal thermal optic are wide and varied. According to their media home improvement, outdoor recreation, security and surveillance, safety, creativity, games and much more can benefit from being able to see infrared and thermal ranges.