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Four Wearable Kickstarters Announce Janary 28th Launch From CES 2014

Wearable computing is hitting Kickstarter in a wave starting in early 2014 with four Kickstarters launching January 28th. The advent of low power, multi-device architectures is taking these Kickstarters beyond the major players and preparing us for a future of multiple, simultaneous sensors that are smart peripherals to the mobile phone. Notch has hit CES 2014 like a storm, and was named to The Gaurdian?s list of top wearables. Quebee is on the national news tonight as the first multi-camera and smartphone system. These kickstarters are raising the bar for wearables by offering multiple points of data collection for motion and video.

Notch, in-hand

Also announced is The Blade, a Tech Bag with RFID protection (faraday cage) and enough expandable storage for a dozen mobile devices. It is the third Kickstarter from Avid Union, which just completed The Shield tech jacket. Both the Blade and The Shield are making their North American Debut at CES 2014.

Spectre is the fourth, a VR horror game specifically designed with the Oculus RIFT in mind and a marked departure from the typical first person shooter. In virtual reality, you do not need to be an agent of destruction to have a great experience. Spectre is creating innovative modes of gameplay where terror is the enemy and running may be your best option.

These Kickstarters can all be browsed with interactive commentary on Tagaboom, online. Tagaboom is officially launching their iOS mobile app next week.

Both Notch and Quebee use multiple sensors to form a personal network for moving data from sensors to your smartphone. Avid Union has designed the The Blade Mobile Tech Case to store multiple mobile devices and sensors such as the Notch and Quebee. Also launching is Spectre, a Virtual Reality horror game designed for the Oculus Rift, pioneering a new level of realism in horror gaming.

Notch | Mobile Multi-Sensor Motion Capture System
Notch is a wearable movement-capture sensor network that uses advanced sensor fusion algorithms to perform skeletal reconstruction of human movement and is designed mobile-first. Notch consists of tiny wearable modules that capture and reconstruct bodily movements in 3D. Notch is scalable from 2 to 14 modules and is perfect for active sports, dance, 3D animation, and quantified-self.

Quebee | Mobile Multi-Angle Video Capture System
Quebee is the first mobile multi-camera system on Kickstarter and works with your iPhone camera and multiple Qubee cameras to capture video simultaneously from multiple angles. Quebee has a wide angle lens and can capture video continuously for 5 hours or 2 days in time lapse mode. You can control multiple Quebee cameras with a smartphone app, synchronize video, and stream video over the Internet.

The Blade a very fashionable, high-tech bag

Avid Union | The Blade | Mobile Tech Case
The Shield is a tech jacket that recently became among the most successful apparel Kickstarters in recent memory. Now, Avid Union is launching The Blade, a superlative tech case which stores tools for the modern tech warrior keeping them safe and accessible. The Blade features multiple compartments for smart devices and comes with an RFID blocking pouch for identity protection.

Proscenium | SPECTRE | VR Horror Game
Spectre is a first-person horror game built for the Oculus Rift from game developer Proscenium. Explore wondrous haunted locales. Discover riddles and secrets. Escape the wrath of the Spectre lurking in the shadows, or command the Spectre itself, and terrify your friends!