Review: Feenix Dimora

Up for review today is the Dimora mousepad, made by Feenix. As far as mouse surfaces go, the Dimora sets itself apart by being a solid plastic construction.

That said, let?s move on to the unboxing. The Dimora comes packaged in the same plain style of box that seems to be characteristic of Feenix designs, this time in black.

The Dimora is set inside within a foam frame, packaged only with a single card that explains that the pad is ready for use right out of the box and encouraging you to register the product. The only Feenix branding on the product itself is the phoenix logo impressed into the top right corner of the pad.

Specifications for the Dimora are as follows:

  • Length: 350 mm / 13.80"

  • Width: 280mm mm / 11.00"

  • Height: 6.0mm /0.24"

The solid plastic construction with micro textured surface gives the pad a very solid feel, and the overall size of the pad cuts it through the middle between the high sensitivity small size and the slightly larger pad size of something like the Thermaltake Dasher.

Further, the unibody design is backed up with diamond shaped support patterning and silicone feet, helping the pad to remain rigid and stable in use.

On their site, Feenix makes a special note of the particular texturing of the pad,

?The Dimora’s micro textured surface makes it feel as if mice are hovering on air. The hard micro textured surface counter-intuitively increases glide by minimizing the overall contact between the mouse and the mousepad, resulting in very low friction. Achieving unrivaled glide was one of the primary passions that fueled the making of The Dimora.?

Their claims proved to be true under use in tandem with their Nascita mouse, providing a very unique user experience in general usage.

At an MSRP of $37 and available only through Feenix?s website, the Dimora retails in a competitive price range and offers a good alternative to other soft pads if one is looking for a solidly built, quality surface. For general use, I can recommend the pad wholeheartedly given the size and quality of the build.

As far as improvements and revisions go, I would personally like to see an all metal construction of this same pad. While this would probably push it into a much higher price bracket, the look and feel of a solid metal construction would be worth a higher alternative retail cost especially given Feenix?s commitment as a luxury peripherals manufacturer.