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Google Starts April Fools Early – Google Maps Pokemon Master Challenge

It looks like Google is starting their April fools jokes a bit early this year with their first one being the Pokemon Challenge, trying to find Google Maps potential hires through a global Pokemon challenge. This is an obvious April Fools joke, but the amount of effort put into it definitely makes it much more interesting and alluring. The idea that someone could get a much sought-after job at Google Maps would be somewhat funny if they actually created a global AR game that challenges people to use Google Maps to ‘catch’ Pokemon to see who is the best Pokemon Master. Here is the video, below:

While there obviously isn’t much else to say about this April fools joke, we’ll be sure to share any others that we find over the course of the next 24 hours. After all, Google generally tends to have some of the best and more elaborate April fools jokes, and this year appears to be no different.