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Golden Bunnies Hop Onto CrossView IBM Commerce

Swiss-based chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli has been selling chocolates since 1845. They launched a new website in November last year. It utilizes a Cloud based order management system which can aggregate orders from online, stores, or call ins while providing a single source of order status information across all three. The benefits to the company and the customer are many, including enabling customers to buy online and pick up in their closest store.

With the new online abilities, Lindt is able to quickly build personalized seasonal promotions around the holidays. With Easter just around the corner, bunnies are populating the website, ready to be scooped up and nestled in baskets to the delight of children worldwide. Thomas Linemayr, president and CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli said: “The new platform helps orchestrate personalized content and promotions across our online and mobile channels, including the look, the feel, the navigation, all in a way that culminates with the checkout process.”

Gold Bunny_450

The Lindt Gold Bunny is a familiar, traditional favorite at Easter

The online site is the result of IBM WebSphere Commerce and CrossView. CrossView Cloud Hosting places servers that operate IBM Commerce Order Management  in the cloud, removing the need for companies to have physical data centers, and eliminating equipment and management costs.

Lindt reported a 200 percent increase in conversion rates over the Christmas holiday and hopes for a similar success for Easter. Mobile sales grew almost 300 percent. They credit the partnership with IBM and CrossView with the increases. The cloud-based system helps Lindt quickly scale capacity as demand increases.

Ann Czaja_436

Swiss trained Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja advises treating chocolate with respect because it can be very temperamental – a little like software programs maybe??

The new online storefront was delivered in a month. Linemayr complimented IBM, CrossView and Lindt’s internal team. “This was one of the quickest projects we have led. It is very difficult to pull off a collaborative effort like this and not have major issues – yet that is what we achieved.” [Unlike the problem-laden new healthcare system being implemented in the US.]

Linemayer said: “Conversions were up, traffic and basket size were higher. We attribute this to our web solution and our ability to showcase products online that resonate with customers.” He explained that they wanted a solution that made it very easy to manage promotions, scale capacity, and personalize interactions. “We move very quickly between holidays, so we must respond with seasonal promotions just as rapidly.” Because the solution is cloud-based, Lindt can adjust as demand fluctuates.

Lindt & Sprüngli operates eight production facilities in Europe and the United States and employs more than 8,000 worldwide. Lindt USA operates more than 45 retail stores in the US. The stores sell sets of pre-packaged assortments, but on the company’s website, customers can mix and match their favorite sweets and design custom gifts with custom packaging.

So take a look at the website, and see what you think. Then stock up on the Easter eggs and the traditional Gold Bunnies. What are you waiting for?