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Oracle Adds Mobile Authenticator to Its Suite

User identity theft isn’t only a personal problem. While you are wondering who pulled your social security number out of your trash can, businesses are worried about who is rummaging through their files.

Oracle  has been providing enterprise security products for some time via the Oracle Access Management Suite. Their recent addition is the Oracle Mobile Authenticator. Its purpose is to provide employees and customers who are accessing sensitive information with two-factor strong authentication protection.

Going beyond password protection, a personal phone or tablet becomes a secondary authentication device. That device can eliminate the need to use a token or smart card to validate the identity of the user. Taking advantage of unique devices a person already uses means the company doesn’t have to purchase additional items, thereby eliminating costs.

The device, be it phone or tablet, is permanently registered to one individual, reducing modification and tracking of additional items used exclusively for authentication. It also assumes that the user doesn’t misplace or outright lose the device as readily as one would a token or smart card carried in one’s pocket or wallet.

Oracle Mobile Authenticator for Android

A one-time password is generated by Oracle Mobile Authenticator for the device

Oracle Identity Management  enables organizations to effectively manage identities across all enterprise resources, both within and beyond the firewall with scalable solutions for identity governance, access management and directory services.

Oracle Mobile Authenticator generates a time based security code and a corresponding service so that applications are able to accept soft token authentication. Oracle Mobile Authenticator and Oracle Adaptive Authentication are included in the11g R2 update to Oracle Identity Management. The update brings enhancements for cloud and mobile applications. New features of 11gR2 PS2 include hierarchical entitlements and migration of inflight provisioning related requests.

Oracle Mobile Authenticator is available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play.