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Facebook Currently Experiencing Outages

Facebook Wi-Fi Facebook Wi-Fi

We’re getting reports (and have confirmed ourselves) that Facebook is currently experiencing sporadic outages. Most of the outages appear to be occurring on their web-based platform for both users’ timelines as well as their chat. Users can get around these outages by simply using the mobile version of Facebook, which in our testing appears to be unaffected. So, if you’re having problems with Facebook or even getting onto Facebook, simply switch to the mobile version for the rest of the day.

Facebook Down

Facebook is down

The above message is the message that we got when Facebook was down, however we did not experience any issues in the mobile version, which may simply have been unaffected. Either way, this issue may affect some of you sporadically over the course of the day, so simply take our advice and switch to mobile if you must have Facebook. And if not, take a break from the internet or social media for the day, haha. It isn’t much of a surprise that Facebook can have such an outage, but the truth is that the service as a whole still appears to be working and the HTML version of the site is simply having problems. There have been times before where the whole service has gone down, but this doesn’t appear to be the case as some users are simply unaware of any outages themselves as they haven’t experienced any difficulties at all.