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Glenn Greenwald Will Publish List of Americans Spied on by NSA

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As we come closer and closer to Edward Snowden’s interview tonight with none other than Brian Williams of NBC, Glenn Greenwald has said (while promoting his new book) that he will be publishing a list of Americans (likely high profile individuals) that are being spied upon by the NSA. This list of NSA targets that are American citizens (something the NSA cannot really do without specific permission) will likely open up exactly who the NSA is spying on in terms of people inside the US. We will discover what kinds of groups they’re targeting and where those people come from as well, and it will likely make the NSA look a lot worse than they already do with the American public. After all, the people of Aghanistan and The Bahamas probably aren’t very happy with the NSA either once they found out that all of their calls were being recorded by the NSA.

Additionally, I have a very strong feeling that many of the Americans that the NSA is spying on are probably the very people that are cooperating with them, including the employees of 80-some companies that are cooperating with them, according to a recent Wikileaks disclosure. Greenwald also said that the NSA’s data security isn’t necessarily the greatest when you consider that Edward Snowden had successfully stolen 1.7 million files from their systems and was not caught  during his entire process. This alone should be a grave worry of anyone that believes that the NSA should be allowed to capture and then warehouse billions of records across the world, including those of American citizens. Ultimately, the NSA should not be trusted to the degree that they are today and that there should be more oversight of the agency, more than the recently passed USA Freedom Act which was gutted the day before it was passed in order to give the US security apparatus more freedoms than were originally intended in the bill.

Glenn Greenwald hasn’t given a specific date or time when he will release these names, but there’s a good chance he’ll do it after Edward Snowden’s interview with Brian Williams airs on NBC tonight. This will be the first interview that Edward Snowden has with any American network since his disclosures of NSA spying last year and will be aired at 10pm/9pm central on NBC. While we don’t know the details of that interview, we can assume that it’ll probably rehash a lot of things that have already been disclosed and won’t likely talk much about any new disclosures since Snowden has left many of those to be released by journalists. Although don’t forget, Brian Williams is a journalist and there’s a good chance we could hear something new during that interview, we simply don’t know what Snowden wants to say about the NSA directly to the American public.

Either way, this week sounds like it should pan out to be pretty interesting if both Snowden and Greenwald release new info.