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OTOY Launches OctaneRender 2.0

OctaneRender Logo OctaneRender Logo

While all of the videogame press are in LA for E3, OTOY have announced the launch of their much awaited OctaneRender 2.0, which was originally announced at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference 2014 in San Jose. The new version of OctaneRender brought a dozen new features to the already popular render engine most of which were requested directly by the community via OTOY’s own forums. To get an idea of what OctaneRender 2.o is capable of, OTOY has provided a video of a scene fully rendered in Octane Render 2.0 demonstrating the new motion blur feature so that you can see what the latest and greatest.

As you can see above, this scene looks incredibly natural and real and is slowly approaching the realm of enabling completely photorealistic renders on GPUs. Today’s launch marks the next phase in OctaneRender’s evolution from a simple render engine to a full blown renderer and workflow pipeline.

OctaneRender has been used in a number of blockbuster films recently, including the incredibly CGI heavy Godzilla and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times globally. OctaneRender 2 can be bought direct from OTOY for 299 Euros or $400 USD and can also be bought for 99 Euros or $134 USD as an upgrade from a previous version. OctaneRender 2 is also available via OTOY’s Octane Cloud Workstation on Amazon’s EC2 as well as pugins for Autodesk’s 3DS Max and Trimbe’s SketchUp. Also, for a limited time, users who upgrade to OctaneRender 2 can also upgrade an existing plugin license at no additional cost.

OTOY’s CEO, Jules Urbach said about today’s launch,  “Our goal at OTOY is to unlock people’s full creative potential, to empower people to do their best work, in less time, in any application, on any device. OctaneRender 2 is a huge step toward that goal. It’s the culmination of an incredible effort to respond to the passionate artists, designers, and engineers who use the product every day, to improve their creative output while making their workflows faster and easier. Everything we’ve put into this version is based on community feedback. We’re excited to put it in people’s hands today and can’t wait to see the incredible creations that come from it.”