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Watch: Elders React to Google Glass

Usually, the YouTube channel TheFineBros asks people of differing ages (usually much older or much younger) to react to a certain type of video, but sometimes they ask someone to respond to a physical technology item that they might not understand. In the past, they did a video about how kids reacted to a Sony Walkman cassette player with admittedly hilarious results.

In this video, however, they’ve flipped the technology and the audience and tried to see what it was like for older people to react to Google Glass, and unsurprisingly enough they were far more aware of what it was and were far more able to operate it than the younger kids were with the cassette player. Having used Google Glass myself, I will admit it definitely has some incredibly novel applications, but the fact is that it alone does not solve many day to day problems that people have in their lives today. Even so, this video is a great thing to watch over the course of this weekend to see how older people react to Google Glass, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to do so myself so this video is without a doubt entertaining to me.

They also help educate consumers by explaining the technology little by little by explaining to them (and the audience) how to use Google Glass. And they all have a lot of very legitimate concerns and observations much like the rest of the general public. There was also a poll of the elders that asked them whether or not they would use it and the responses to Google Glass were mostly 50/50. This clearly helps illustrate the slow development of wearables and Google Glass is helping move along these ideas with the whole society together as one and doesn’t seem to be leaving one generation behind. It would be interesting to see how they will react to smartwatches or some sort of combination of smartwatches and Google Glass.