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iBuypower Partners with Newegg for Configurator

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It isn’t normally a big deal when a system build cooperates with a retailer or an etailer on a new product or a new launch. However, it is a pretty big deal when a system builder allows you to build an entire system using Newegg’s website and configurator to build that system. You can test out the new iBuypower system configurator on Newegg’s website and see how it works for yourself.

The reason why this development is an important one is because iBuypower probably recognizes the value of having Newegg as a partner, and even more importantly Newegg’s customer service. There aren’t many PC builders out there with outstanding customer service or the infrastructure to handle complex customer service needs at a large scale like Newegg can. Really, Newegg has the most experience out of almost everyone and they already have a huge audience, so allowing Newegg users to configure systems on is a great idea.

Even though this is a Newegg-based configurator, they don’t necessarily make all of the parts available on Newegg available to you to build with. That would be the ultimate Newegg-iBuypower configurator if you could basically take any parts from Newegg and slap them in your iBuypower machine. That way, they can check for compatibility and buildability and then let you pay extra for changing your motherboards or PSU.

Once you’ve configured your system on they will configure, build and set up your machine to have it directly shipped to you, as if you had ordered it direct from iBuypower. This brilliance may end up helping iBuypower get an edge over their competitors whom mostly sell pre-built systems to retailers and custom built systems only to people that order direct from them online. I’m not entirely sure how much this will affect Newegg’s or iBuypower’s sales but I do think its a creative way to trying to encourage people to configure and build their systems through a 3rd party.