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Origin PC Offers $200 Back to School Deals

origin pc origin pc

Our buddies over at Origin PC are having a pretty sweet Back to School deal, depending on which product you buy from them. If you’re in the market for a sweet gaming desktop or a high-end EON gaming notebook from them, then you can expect to get a free upgrade to a 240 GB SSD from VisionTek as well as a free copy of Watch Dogs. Or, if you’re in the market for something like their EVO15-S gaming laptop, then you can get free ground shipping across the US, a free 2 year part replacement warranty (standard is one year), and a free copy of Watch Dogs. However, it appears that their 2 year warranty that they’re including here does not include the cost of shipping or labor for the laptop, so it may not actually be as good of a warranty as it may seem.

Back 2 School Origin PC

Back 2 School Origin PC

We’ll be watching out for other good Back to School deals for you guys as they start to heat up, leading to the beginning of the school year. We’re already working on some guides for the best laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets for this back to school season so that you’ve got most of your decisions covered. But as of right now, Origin PC is the only company that’s launched their back to school deals so far. And while the 2 year part replacement warranty may not seem so great, most gaming laptops dong really last that long to begin with and any repairs are mostly going to be the cost of parts and not really labor. That’s primarily because replacement parts for most laptops are incredibly expensive and usually drive people towards just buying a new laptop. But even with that caveat, the Origin PC desktop and EON Laptop deal isn’t a bad one because they’re basically throwing in a free SSD and game which is actually worth about what they say it is.