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BSN* and Snapdragon Contest Winners Announced!

Snapdragon Dragon Snapdragon Dragon

Hello everyone, we managed to pick the winners of our BSN* and Qualcomm Snapdragon contest giveaway where we picked, at random, two winners to give an HTC One M8 smartphone. Many of you left us very thoughtful and heartfelt responses and we read them all. Some of you should seriously consider careers in writing if you don’t already have them. Either way, we’re glad to have gotten a lot of feedback from you all about the giveaway and the review and we’ll continue to push forward with more of these kinds of giveaways in the future. We also wanted to thank Qualcomm for being so generous in participating in this giveaway and helping us give back to you, our readers. And without further ado the winners: The winners for our two HTC One M8 smartphones (unlocked AT&T/T-Mobile and Verizon) are:

Odelia Shohet and Ravi Kumar G.

Congratulations to Odelia and Ravi on winning your new HTC One M8 smartphones. In order to claim your prizes, you must contact us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com with some form of personal verification. It would be preferred that you email us using the emails that you registered with (a form of personal identification). You have 48 hours from the posting time of this announcement to claim your prize or we will re-draw for another. Thank you very much.

Now, as you guys very well know, we’ve been running contests almost non-stop since we celebrated our 5th anniversary back in March, and we fully intend to continue to do so as we still have many more giveaways left to do from other hardware partners of ours, and as we always say, stay tuned. We regret the fact that this contest was restricted to the US only, but we had to follow the guidelines of the contest’s sponsor and their legal restrictions. We will do our best to make our next contests global, but we still appreciate all of you reading BSN*.