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Sierra Entertainment Is Reborn

Many gamers grew up playing Sierra Entertainment classics. By delivering memorable franchises like the immortal PC shooter Half-Life, the publisher had a hand at shaping that age of gaming.

But like many industry greats, Sierra went defunct. Activision snapped them up back in 2008 and ever since it has been a subsidiary of the AAA-giant.

Now it appears the label may be making a triumphant return.

A new website for Sierra Entertainment teases that the landmark label may be coming back to our modern age of gaming. A brief video clip is seen on the page, along with hints that an official announcement is coming at this year’s Gamescom show.

Speculation has taken fire across the gaming sphere, and the teaser could indicate a number of things. Perhaps a slew of new releases for fan-favorite franchises are being planned, or maybe a host of cross-platform re-releases is in order.

Activision will indeed be in full force at the European gameshow, and the Sierra announcement will perfectly compliment its array of next-gen game demos.

More details will be released at Gamescom, which kicks off in a few days from August 13-17 in Cologne, Germany.