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Lenovo Now Ships More Smartphones Than PCs

Top PC maker Lenovo is now shipping more smartphones than PC units.

Lenovo’s PC industry may be as booming as ever, but its smartphone industry is finally getting a few steps ahead. In its financial report for the second quarter of 2014 submitted just this week, it was shown that the number of smartphones that the company has shipped has now exceeded the number of PCs that it had distributed during the same quarter.

For the previous five consecutive quarters before the first half of 2014, Lenovo has enjoyed the highest global market shares in the PC industry, eventually accounting for at least 19.6% of all PC shipments around the globe. This is equivalent to about 14.5 million shipped units, representing a 15% increase in total shipments since the beginning of its steady rise in sales.

But despite being the top PC maker in the world however, smartphone shipments for Lenovo eventually topped with its 39% total shipment increase during the same time period. With an equivalent value of more than 15.8 million shipped units, the number of smartphones effectively surpassed the number of PCs distributed.

Part of Lenovo’s current smartphone business road plan is the distribution of low cost Android units locally and internationally, which may provide an explanation to the increase in its smartphone shipments. Then there’s also the recent agreement with Google to re-purchase Motorola Mobility, though that may be of another issue entirely.

On the flip side, Lenovo’s tablets also enjoyed a huge increase in shipments, almost at 67% for the past few quarters, albeit only at an equivalent of about 2.3 million shipped units.