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Samsung Outs Amazon 4K UHD Video Service

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In an announcement for next month’s for IFA Berlin, Samsung [KRX:005930]  has unveiled a slew of 4K UHD streaming video content partners to strengthen its 4K UHD content offerings. As of right now, if you buy a Samsung 4K TV that isn’t one of the curved displays, you won’t get any 4K content at all with your TV. However, if you do buy one of Samsung’s new curved 4K TVs then you get a $300 1TB hard drive filled with 4K content containing five movies.

In the announcement, the company announced multiple partners to help expand its 4K content library through streaming capabilities. The services include: Amazon, Netflix, maxdome,, and CHILI. From Samsung’s blog:

“The company plans to launch Amazon’s UHD VOD service in October globally, and has also expanded Netflix’s UHD VOD Service in Europe, which has been available in the U.S. and other countries since last March. Netflix kicked off its UHD streaming service with “House of Cards Season 2,” a popular US TV series, which is now available on Samsung’s UHD TV.” 

Clearly, Samsung has mistakenly beaten Amazon to its own announcement and announced Amazon’s new 4K Video on demand service which will launch in October. Amazon 4K content will likely include Amazon original shows of which there are currently about a dozen.

What will be interesting is to see whether or not Amazon will include this service as part of Amazon Prime or if Amazon Prime will get any “included” 4K content as part of the Amazon Prime video service. At this point, there are very few details that talk about how and what Amazon will do, but the good thing is that all of those early adopters of Samsung 4K TVs won’t be stranded for much longer without content. Sony’s customers are already pretty well stocked with 4K content thanks to Sony’s own library and DRM’d content delivery box. However, Samsung is working with hollywood studios and hardware providers like Western Digital to standardize 4K content delivery so that it can be safely downloaded and viewed by consumers.