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First Volume Production 8K-Class Quad UHD LCD Panel Comes Out of Beijing

Not satisfied with 4K, and wanting to go beyond to show your SLR photos in their full glory? Well, the answer to your wishes doesn’t come from Japan or Korea this time, but from Middle Kingdom.

Beijing Oriental (BOE), the other leading Chinese LCD panel fab besides TCL’s CSOT in Shenzhen, has just unveiled its 98-inch 7680×4320 panel series, the HV098XXX. The 32 Megapixel monster, with 2.23 x 1.30 metre dimensions and 14 cm depth requirement, would easily fill many company conference rooms, not to mention premium home theatres. It would make showing off huge photorealistic city models down to every window or potted plant visible, a breeze, not to mention space photographs will millions of stars clearly distinguishable, or soccer / football match recordings like what NHK in Japan was doing for the past half decade in 8K.

The display is no slouch in other specs either: 1.07B colours via 8-bit plus dithering (sorry, no true 10-bit yet), 500 cd/m2 brightness and 1200:1 contrast ratio. You will need a card like, say, AMD FirePro W9100 with its six DisplayPort 1.2 interfaces and 16 GB VRAM to actually drive this (and yes, AMD supports 8K displays on it). This being China, of course, the final price at this early stage depends greatly on the “customer’s strategic importance for market enablement”, so feel free to contact them and see how it goes.