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Intel Transaction Memory Extensions On Hold Until Broadwell?

The Haswell platform, which both Bright Side of News and VR World has covered extensively in the past and will do so in the future, is a big leap forward for Intel in many areas. Features including AVX2 that brings fused multiply-add and full integer computing parallelisation, DDR4 memory and massive internal bandwidth boosts, all help justify the move to the new platform.

However, one unique and interesting feature of the Haswell platform, Transaction Memory Extensions (TSX), seemingly had to be disabled. The news we had last month was that there were inconsistent results when using it on some platforms. The assumption was that it would be fixed by a microcode update.

Well, the news is that it won’t – the problem is a bit more complex than expected, and (aside of Haswell-EX ultra high end Xeon E7) takes too long to fully solve in this run. So, if you are a fan of TSX, you got to wait for Broadwell – desktop, mobile, server, whatever the flavour you need.

This doesn’t impact 99.9% of current apps, mind you, but for those understanding the true benefits of this quite revolutionary way of handling memory, it is a bit of extra delay on the way to finally use it widely.