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Lian-Li Teases Upcoming Open Air Cases

Lian-Li published some new information on its prototype open air chassis on its blog.

The PC-05(Mini-ITX,) PC-06 (Micro-ATX), and PC-07 (ATX) all follow the same design but are in different sizes. The design is primarily for aesthetics, showcasing the parts of the user’s computer. IN WIN has been the real major player in these higher end open air chassis for quite a while, so Lian-Li is looking to challenge them in this segment. The design of the PC-0x series may bring up memories of case mods that prominently display different components on a board. This is something that Lian Li has taken and made into a unique case, as there are no other manufacturers right now making such a design.


Highlights of the open air chassis designs include:

• Wall Mountable
• GPU Riser
• Large Tempered Glass Window
• HDD Shroud
• Plentiful Cable Management Space
• Slim Optical Drive Bay


Interestingly enough the Micro-ATX and ATX variants will support water cooling radiators in the chassis, something that will definitely help the components stay cool in this case. Those cases will also offer support for up to a 360mm radiator, and if using air cooling those fan mounts will also help provide an ample amount of air. Lian-Li does not disclose what materials that the cases are made out of but by looking at the pictures it seems like aluminum, tempered glass, and plastic. The case maker would most likely use aluminum as It seems they are going for a higher end segment with these cases. IN Win’s high end open air cases also use aluminum, tempered glass, and plastic primarily.


These cases will only have limited room for expansion cards so choosing the right features on your motherboard will be key. The cases all offer front power button, USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and room for a slim optical disc drive. The Mini-ITX case will support video cards up to 200mm long, while the Micro-ATX and ATX cases support up to 290mm long cards. There is no word on pricing currently, but these will likely fall in line with mid to high end case prices. These cases certainly won’t be for everyone, but for those who do use them, they will definitely have a gorgeous piece for their desks.

PC-07-spec Pc-06-spec PC-05_Spec