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Tt eSPORTS VERTO: A Well Rounded Headset

Build quality and design

The design is very nice, being largely black with details of red and stainless steel.  When handling the headset it is obvious that the headband and the frames surrounding the ear cups are made of stainless steel that looks and feels powder coated.  This gives the headset a very nice secure fit on the head with the ear cups being able to swivel to sit flush against the face giving a better seal against ambient sound.  The inner self adjusting headband does a good job of keeping the fit comfortable, as do the adjustable height of the ear cups.

Tt eSports Vetro headset-14

On the left side the microphone stores nice and snug, it moves up and down easily.  The audio cable also plugs into the left side and reaches the right earcup via the headband.  The sleeving of that cord is a nice touch and that whole assembly, where the ear cups swivel looks well engineered and the fit and finish is great.  The only thing that seems out of place with the everything else is the volume control and microphone mute toggle.  For being on such a nice cable it feels way too lightweight and plasticy that seems to clash with the design of the headset.  Though does function well and easily stays put with a spring loaded clip.  It just looks a little flimsy compared to the one on the Te eSPORTS Level 10 headset.


Tt eSports Vetro headset-16