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Tt eSPORTS VERTO: A Well Rounded Headset


The performance is very good and was better than expected actually.  First off when using the microphone in TeamSpeak 3 it was noted by others that I sounded noticeably clearer than the Samson microphone I had been using.  When testing the microphone with Skype by calling a family member they proceeded to claim I sounded much better than I do when I call via the phone, and implied I should be using this whenever I am to call again.  I have a deep voice that apparently breaks up a bit over the phone and this  microphone picked up my voice accurately.

The audio was very good and was enjoyable when gaming, listening to music, and watching movies.  When listening to music the mids and highs are nice and noticeable making the audio in this headset a bit bright.  The low end was emphasized a bit, but not overly so.  The bass is a bit boomy which I actually prefer for a gaming headset since it makes the action and explosions more exciting when in game.  If volume is too high and a bass heavy section is playing there is some noticeable break up.  It was a pleasure to play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with these as after a while the audio became very immersing.  When watching Despicable Me 2 the voices were clear and detailed while the  audio effects had noticeable depth to them.

Tt eSports Vetro headset-10

User experience

I was very happy with the audio quality as it was better than I was expecting.  It felt good being told that I sounded much better when using this to communicate with people since I am self conscious about how I sound .  The headset was very secure on my head, though I do have a large head ( wear XL hats) so actually finding a perfect fit for me is not likely.  These have a lot of adjustability and the stainless steel headband does a good job with the clamping force.  This may be a bit too tight for people with big heads though.  I found that the headset works very nicely with the mobile cord when using my HTC One M7 and Nexus 7 FHD.  It would definitely be a good option if one were to game or use VoIP via mobile device.

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Microphone down


The VERTO is currently $79.99 at  It is a good value when you consider you have two cables, a good microphone, and a nice pair of headphones.  If one were to buy good performing items separately the cost would likely meet or exceed the cost of the headset.  Having it all in one package is a better use of the money if using it mainly for gaming.  For the money these seem to have a very nice build quality that really shows.

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Microphone up

Should I spend my money on this?

If you are looking for a headset in the $80 range this is definitely one to consider.  I find that it is nice that it has nice styling that isn’t overly “loud” while still looking sharp.  This headset definitely hits the mark for build quality and performance at its price and like I said before, I was surprised at how well these performed.  I have a feeling that most of those who do try these will end up really liking them.

As such, it earns our silver award.