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Gigabyte Launches First Mini-ITX GTX 970

Who says the Mini-ITX form factor can’t be used for gaming? Gigabyte (TPE: 2376)  unveiled this week its new GTX 970 card, and the card designed for miniaturized computers packs some serious processing power — more than enough for most gamers.

The Mini-ITX GTX 970 comes factory overclocked with a base clock of 1076 MHz and a boost clock of 1216 MHz. With a TDP of 145W, it’s powered by a single 8-pin PCI-Express power connector.


As far as cooling goes, Gigabyte includes its own WindForce 3X cooler. The “3X” does not denote three fans, but rather three heat pipes. Benchmarks provided by Gigabyte (these have not been independently verified) show that the the WindForce cooler is able to keep the card at a comfortable 62 degrees while running the Metro: Last Light benchmark.  In comparison, a reference card running the same benchmark would come in at 76 degrees.

Pricing for the card starts at $329.99 with availability slated to begin in November.