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The Best Of The Instructables' Halloween Contests

Instructables.com is a site that has user created guides that can teach you how to make things.  They have all different kinds of projects that people submit, from baking cookies to making a carbon fiber violin.  Currently they have two contests going on, which are Halloween costumes and Halloween Props.  I have combed through the entries to find some of the best that I could find.  The best stuff ranges from a fast and easy to sew Brain Slug from Futurama, to cosplay outfits that likely took months of tedious research and building.  The list is in no particular order, these seem like a good assortment that has something for everyone.

Futurama Brain Slug


A very simple and easy to assemble costume as it is only a headband with an easy to sew brain slug.  If you are a fan of Futurama this will be a worthwhile use of an hour of time.  Please just make sure that you have enough brain activity so that the Brain Slug won’t die.  This is likely less than $7 in supplies if you already have a sewing machine and the tools to make it.  The end result looks great for the small amount of work that has to go into the project.  If you make one post your


Sauron Cosplay


Here we have a pretty epic Sauron cosplay that must have taken a long time to make and research.  The details given are pretty sparse, but there are some good pictures of the outfit while it was in progress and the individual parts.  It is neat to know that this outfit was built entirely from scratch.


Awesome Mix – Guardians of the Galaxy



If you are looking to complete your Star-Lord cosplay or costume then an Awesome Mix Vol. 1 mix tape is what you need for your Sony TPS-L2 Walkman.  This Instructable gives you a template for creating your own cassette, its a very simple project but the end result sure looks good.


Borderlands Psycho Bandit Buzz Axe prop



This is an amazing piece of work that definitely shows the dedication that the builder had.  The build is well documented and shows the evolution of the design into the final product.  I for one would love to be as creative as the person who did this, but I will have to get my satisfaction from looking at these kinds of build logs.


I Am Groot


Here is an amazing example of what people can do when they really want to re-create something.  This is one of the best Groot costumes that I have seen thus far, and I can only imagine people are already working on more elaborate Groot creations.


Back to the Future: Doc Brown’s Mind Reading Helmet


This is a really fun creation as it really does a good job with capturing the original look.  I am very impressed with this person’s work and I plan to try my hand at making this for next Halloween.  I feel that I can do so since the creator did a wonderful job with the build log. While working on learning electronics with Make: Electronics I hope to create a more elaborate lighting system.


Warhammer 40K Power Fist


This is a truly amazing piece of engineering with a decent amount of 3D printed parts and the fist is impressive by itself, but when you see the full outfit being “floored” is an understatement.  The amount of work that is put into this is downright mind-boggling.  The creator said this was the first thing that he had created with 3D modeling that was his own creation, which he no doubt nailed.


Dead Space: Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit


This is another cosplay that was taken to the Nth degree with the work,  The dedication to this build is incredible as it is visible in the log that this is something that took a lot of time and hours upon hours of construction.  The end product looks insanely good and even better than the original reference material from the game.


PIXAR Lamp Costume 


This is a great build that is definitely unique with the idea and creation.  While the log is not that in depth what the pictures show is really all that needs to be seen to appreciate such a project.  This would be a great costume to make for a small child since it could be scaled to size easily.


Pumpkin Batteries


This is another take on the old go to experiment with citrus or potatoes.  This would make a great family project for young children or even those you at heart.  This could even make a cool project for something to take to the office and have on a desk, such as a pumpkin clock for the holidays.


Glowing Treasure Chest


This is a fun project that would not only be useful for Halloween, but the whole year.  This is a simple modification of a chest with a bit of electronics.  The log goes over this very nicely and will help even a beginner complete the electronics.


Borderlands Assault Rifle 


This is an amazing re-creation of a Dahl assault rifle from the Borderlands game.  The you creator that made this said that he spent approximately 300 hours creating this piece.  The hard work sure shows through with the amazing weathering job that was done to the finish.  As someone who is a fan of Borderlands I must say I want something like this to mount on my office wall… Some day it will happen.


Portal Gun


This is an amazing build that uses electronics integrated with the prop to really bring the creation to life.  This looks amazing, and it is a great replica of Portal’s portal gun.  The build log is very detailed and was built from the ground up with a very keen attention to detail.


Arc Reactor Shirt

FOP96RRI1NUEBX0.MEDIUMF4NKX7MI1NUDQCQ.LARGEFor those a bit more comfortable with electronics, this Arc Reactor shirt should be an excellent project.  This would be an easy way to make a Tony Stark costume for a child as well, it would just need to be sized down a little bit.  It would also be an easy project to do with a younger person who is interested in learning about electronics since it only needs very basic soldering skills.


Autobot Fury: The Transforming Costume


Transforming costumes have recently been a hit with all the Transformers movies that have come out.  Though very unweildy this is ideally something to take to a function since it will not travel well.  This is a very cool costume choice that will no doubt be a challenge to try and replicate since part of the challenge is that your body needs to transform with the costume.  Maybe a little yoga is a good thing to do while you are planning your own Transformer costume.

Go forth and create

Hopefully seeing some of these amazing creations will have stirred your interest in finding a project to do on Instructables.  I personally have been inspired to try and build a new chicken coop for my acreage as I found a few ideas that suite my needs.  These Halloween ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with the site.  If you have ever thought of turning your old microwave into an arc welder then you will be happy to know you can even find that on the site.