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Raijintek Aeneas Micro-ATX Case Offers Great Value For Money

Raijintek’s Aeneas is a new micro-ATX enclosure that is designed to offer excellent ventilation along with an elegant design. The case ticks most of the boxes when it comes to what enthusiast system builders look for in a chassis, and comes with a few that are not seen often, like a removable motherboard tray.

There’s a side window that lets system builders showcase the internal hardware, as well as a blue LED that runs along the front of the chassis that can be switched off. Also included is the ability to accommodate custom liquid-cooled setups and a black color scheme for the interior of the chassis.

When it comes to ventilation, the Aeneas can accommodate a total of eight fans, with the case itself coming with two 120mm fans as standard at the front, and two 140mm fans at the back. Should you choose to do so, you can remove the fans at the front and either install a single 200mm fan, or a 240mm radiator. With mounting holes at the top for 240mm fans or 280mm liquid cooled configurations, the Aeneas is compatible with all AIO cooling solutions available in the market today.

The areas that feature a mesh design get dust filters for easy maintenance, and the removable motherboard tray makes installing hardware that much easier. The chassis can accommodate four 3.5-inch (or 2.5-inch) hard drives in one cage, and should you require additional storage, you can buy an additional cage that accommodates a further five 2.5-inch drives. All hard drive installation is tool-less.

In terms of size restrictions, the Aeneas can fit in video cards up to 310mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 180mm in height. We’ve seen a host of new offerings in the micro-ATX segment, and the Aeneas is another quality addition to the space. The enclosure is now available for $100 (£62) in black and white variants, with the side windowed version costing an additional $5.