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Verizon Increases Data Plan Sizes and Offers $150 Promo

Verizon Verizon

Verizon has just announced that they will be offering a new update to their ‘More Everything Plan’ which is part of the company’s overall new effort of offering more data to its customers. Their Why More Data Matters initiative means that they are recognizing that their customers are wanting more data without overages and to get more data for the same money. This can mostly be attributed to the competition from Sprint and T-Mobile who have had some of the most affordable and best data availability (unlimited) plans.

Starting tomorrow, users that want 10GB of data or 15GB of data per month will only have to pay $80 and $100 a month respectively, which is significantly better than AT&T’s offering. This offer is also available to existing Verizon customers who want to upgrade to this plan or are already paying more than this for the same amount of data. All they have to do is head on over to their My Verizon account and change their plan there.

In addition to all of that, Verizon is also launching a promotion where they will offer a $150 port-in credit to customers switching to Verizon that sign up for a 2-year agreement or Verizon’s Edge program. Both the pricing and the port-in credit are a limited time promotion, so they do not reflect a permanent chang of Verizon’s pricing or customer porting offers. So, if you are planning to switch to Verizon, tomorrow should be a perfect time to do so.

Clearly, Verizon wants to be competitive this holiday season and it will be interesting to see how AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint respond to Verizon’s promotion. After all, money talks and $150 is not small change in addition to fairly competitive data pricing.