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If Fitness is Your Holiday Target, Get the Fitbug

FitBug FitBug

Fitbug (LON:FITB), a wearable activity tracker, just became available at Target stores. This button-sized device can be worn on the wrist, attached to your belt, or discreetly hidden beneath your clothes to keep your fitness attempt a secret until you hit your target.

The little helper can even go into a pocket or purse and still do its job. The app sends motivational information to keep you going with healthy recipes, articles and tips on nutrition.

FitBug Nutrition_980

Habits of daily living can interfere with a good night’s sleep. Even when you are not awake, Fitbug is still monitoring you, checking how much and how good you are sleeping. Fitbug will set personalized weekly goals to help you sleep better as a result of what you eat and how active you are.

It uploads your movement and activities, counting steps, distance, and calories burned to where the personalized coaching technology calculates goals. You’ll get feedback combined with advice and encouragement that includes text messages, emails, and cell phone alerts. Your personal Fitbug coach can help you exercise.

Fitbug Exercise_980

Originally offered to corporations concerned with the health of their employees or of their customers, Fitbug has been used by companies such as The Vitality Group, Optum, Humana Vitality, and Every Move. The Vitality Group is a fully integrated wellness program designed to engage a company’s employees on the road to better health. Optum is comprised of a global team of professionals who collaborate across the health system to improve care delivery, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Every Move lets you earn rewards for your efforts with discounts from health-conscious brands and praise from your social network.

Fitbug founder and CEO, Paul Landau had his team take the product out into the consumer world. Bluetooth enabled last year, the Orb itself is unobtrusive – only 30mm in diameter, with no screen. Your information is sent to your phone.

Fitbug Landau

At Pepcom, Paul Landau, CEO, showed how the Fitbug Orb can be worn in an interchangeable wrist band.

Good looking wrist bands offset your Orb so you can show off your dedication to fitness. If you want to wear Orb on your wrist, you can choose from white pink or black bands.

Fitbug KiqPlans_980

Just announced is Fitbug’s KiqPlan – health plans especially geared to your situation. Beer Belly Buster might be just what the doctor orders after the festivities of the upcoming Super Bowl. The KiqPlan called Slim+Trim says it all. For women, there are two unique plans. Healthy Baby Bump for that nine month trip to mommy hood. It’ll help you deliver a healthy child. After the big event, pick up Goodbye Baby Bump to help you get back to your pre-pregnant shape.

Fitbug KiqPlan scn_980

In addition to the Orb, the Fitbug series includes Fitbug Go, Fitbug Air, and Fitbug Wow scales. When you stand on the Smart WoW scale, your data is uploaded and syncs with your Fitbug app in real time to update your personal profile using Bluetooth technology.

Fitbug, a London based company, is listed on the FTSE as FITB. Over the past 52 weeks, prices have ranged in British Pounds from £ 0.38 – £ 7.98. Sainsbury in the UK and 1,800 Target stores in the US will be carrying the Orb. This additional exposure for the Orb and the new KiqPlans should help the share price stay at the upper end of that scale.