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Mac vs PC War Returns With New Microsoft Campaign

A new YouTube ad from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) says its “game over” for the Macbook Air when it tries to take on the Yoga 3 Pro from Lenovo (HKG: 0992) .

The ad from Microsoft — which is similar to a campaign comparing the Surface Pro 3 to the Macbook Air — highlights the Yoga 3’s thinner body, multiple formfactor modes thanks to its 180-degree rotation of its display, and touchscreen as strengths compared to the Macbook Air.

Finally, a Macbook killer

Lenovo’s Yoga series has created something of a renaissance in the Windows notebook, particularly Ultrabook, space. The second generation of the Yoga was nearly universally praised by reviewers, with many calling it the best Windows notebook on the market. Its long battery life, sharp quad-HD screen, and thin form factor was warmly received by the market  with the Yoga 2 Pro becoming a strong seller. While Lenovo doesn’t disclose sales numbers for individual products, the company became the world’s top PC manufacturer in 2014 and saw its profits jump by 36%.

When the Macbook Air first came out, and was later refreshed, it made many PC vendors stumble as they tried to build something as aesthetically pleasing as the Macbook Air. First came the Ultrabook form factor, and from that the Yoga series was born.

However, Lenovo should not get too confident. In Apple’s most recent earnings statement it disclosed that it sold 8.9% more Macs quarter-over-quarter. Of course this also includes desktop computers, but it also means that the likes of Lenovo will have healthy competition in 2015.