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Michael Dell: We're Stronger as a Private Company

Dell World, Dell’s annual conference for its partners and customers, kicked off in Austin Tuesday with a keynote from the company’s CEO. The theme: going private was the right decision.

As Dell’s rivals Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) spin off their less profitable arms, or sell divisions to rivals, Dell told the crowd at Dell World that going private gave his company stability, and time to invest in new products and ventures.

“We don’t have that 90-day shot clock that [others] do,” Dell said on stage, explaining that his company can now focus “beyond the next quarter, the next year or the next shareholder activist.”

“We feel we are incredibly well positioned with some of the distraction and turmoil that is out there,” he continued.

While Dell no longer has to disclose its financials as it’s a privately held company, its CEO said on stage that Dell is still growing thanks to its solid fundamentals.

“We are seeing year-over-year growth in every region of the world,” Dell said, telling the crowd that Dell’s PC shipments in the US have grown 20 percent quarter-over-quarter citing IDC data.

Going back to the topic of new investments, Dell said that his company will soon launch a converged infrastructure system called PowerEdge FX that leverages servers, network and storage in the data center. Dell didn’t give too many details, promising that for later during the conference.

Dell said that this year’s Dell World conference will focus on four themes: transform, connect, inform and protect.

Dell World continues Wednesday in Austin.