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Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 CL15 16GB Kit Review

HyperX DDR4 3000

HyperX DDR4 3000-3


The first thing that is noticeable when looking at the modules is that they have some enormous heatsinks on them,  The heatsinks look really good, but can likely cause a bit of an issue with those running some of the larger heatsinks on the CPUs.  When going with a cooler that might pose a bit of a problem with these modules it is advisable to install the memory first.  This is a quad channel kit with 4GB modules that are single sided and should be Hynix ICs.  As stated earlier, these modules come with two XMP profiles that should allow it to have the proper settings in a just a quick tick of a bios option.  All in all memory modules don’t really have many extra features and the key point of memory is performance and capacity.


Unfortunately overclocking past the stock 3000 has proven to be a chore that is not likely to yield good results.  I checked around with what other people testing these kits were achieving with their overclocks and I noticed a trend that like my results, overclocking is not much of an option,  The good news is that these kits perform very well with the stock XMP settings and some work on getting the cache/uncore speeds up.  Almost as important to the speed of the RAM is the speed of the cache/ uncore, as it yields drastic gains.  Memory is tested on the Asus Rampage V Extreme exactly for this reason, since the board is by far the reigning champion for cache/uncore overclocking.  The OC Socket that has been touted by Asus is definitely coming into play with helping bring out much more performance.

The max that I was able to overclock the RAM and get into windows was about 3070 and it took a lot of work to get to that point.  It took a few hours of patiently trying to coax the RAM to cooperate with the settings.  The method used was setting the voltage for 1.5v and all the memory settings to auto.  What did work well was that I could run the RAM at 3000 14-15-15-39 1T with a slight bump in voltage (1.4v) and the performance gains were substantial.