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ISID’s Tourist Smart Card is Your ‘Universal’ Translator

Travelling overseas may be fun, until language barriers make almost everything inconvenient. Thankfully, Information Services International Dentsu (ISID) Ltd., a Japanese IT service firm, is currently experimenting with a new type of IC card, one that would be used to help tourists with this very problem.

Basically, the new smart card will provide automated language translation functionality via standard NFC system. While the system itself is linked to various related databases and other services, the IC card itself will provide the user with personal registered information. Its information would be promptly relayed to the system whenever the smart card is required to translate something.

For example, a display terminal could automatically translate itself into the user’s native language by simply swiping the card over the screen. The card will allow the user to conveniently access terminals, read signs and understand displays and notifications. Technically, it provides convenient overall navigation for tourists, without the time delay that is usually associated with these kinds of language barriers.

Aside from automatic translation, the smart cards will also be used as a general identification card, and can be used to gain access to tourist destinations, as well as shortening checking procedures and providing a convenient form of payment for all kinds of facilities.

ISID had already initiated an experiment that will prove the system’s feasibility. A group of 20 individuals from Japan has been selected to go overseas in France to test the system and the smart card’s functions. Specifically, the trial run is currently being held at Enghien-les-Bains in Paris, France, which is the location for one of the most internationally integrated resorts in the world. The experiment period started last November 6, and is scheduled to end on November 11.

ISID hopes that with the successful implementation of its contactless smart card system, tourists in Japan will have a better, more pleasant and more relaxing experience within the country.