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Chang San-cheng: Taiwan is Still Innovative, But Struggles Against ‘Unethical’ China

Taipei's skyline at night. (Photo: Luke Ma/Flickr)

Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology spoke Tuesday to the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei Tuesday and during his wide ranging speech spoke about how Taiwan can remain competitive in the twenty-first century.

Taiwan’s big challenge, according to Chang San-cheng, is a lack of ability to properly monetize innovation, and the unethical business practices of Chinese companies operating in Taiwan.

“I’m really concerned about the future of our semiconductor industry,” he said on the topic of the subsidies that China gives its businesses. While the solar panel industry in China is the most notorious for being heavily subsidized by the government, Chang pointed to a recent announcement out of China that it planned to invest $32 billion (200 billion RMB) in domestic semiconductor companies as cause for concern.

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