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Destiny: Xur's Location And Exotic Wares For 11/14

Xur is a bit like Destiny’s intergalactic Santa Claus. Instead of paying him with cookies and milk, Guardians cough up Strange Coins (who knows what the mysterious merchant does with those) for goodies and presents.

The shadowy Agent of the Nine has been spotted again in the Tower above The Last City, proffering his exotic wares to teeming masses of excited Guardians.


Xur is found in one of his previous spawn points right outside the Speaker’s quarters.

Xur can be found in the North Tower to the right of the Speaker’s quarters for Week 10 (November 14-15).

To find him, just keep running straight when you enter the North sector and you’ll find Xur to the right. Usually there will be a cluster of Guardians around him, so he shouldn’t be so hard to find.

What does Xur have in his inventory this week? Really it’s more of the same as last week, with no armor refreshers, but he does have a snazzy handcannon that’ll make you feel like Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars.


“Yours…not mine.” – Renegade Hunter Shin Malphur to Dredgen Yor during the showdown at Dwindler’s Ridge.

The Last Word (Handcannon) – 23 Strange Coins

  • Class: All
  • Upgrade Mats: Spinmetal
  • Min Level: 20
  • Type: Handcannon
  • Attack: 260/300
  • Magazine: 8
  • Mod 1: The weapon can be fired quickly and continuously.
  • Mod 2: This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.
  • Mod 3: Bonus damage and stability. Extra precision damage when firing from the hip.

“For This, There Is One Remedy”

The Armamentarium (Chestpiece) – 13 Strange Coins

  • Class: Titan
  • Upgrade Mats: Spinmetal (Earth)
  • Min Level: 20
  • Defense: 339/439
  • Light: +21
  • Discipline +138
  • Mod 1: Carry an additional grenade
  • Mod 2: Carry more ammo for Heavy Weapons
  • Mod 3: Carry more ammo for Special Weapons

“YOU WILL DREAM OF TEETH AND NOTHING ELSE” – scratched behind a buckle

Voidfang Vestments (Chestpiece) – 13 Strange Coins

  • Class: Warlock (Specialized for Voidwalker)
  • Upgrade Mats: Spirit Bloom (Venus)
  • Min Level: 20
  • Defense: 339/439
  • Light: +21
  • Strength +115
  • Mod 1: Enhanced Axion Bolt. Spawn with grenade energy
  • Mod 2: Carry more ammo for Hand Cannon
  • Mod 3: Carry more ammo for Special Weapons

You’ve heard every last tale of the wolf by now. None of them are true. You are the wolf.

Crest of Alpha Lupi (Chestpiece) – 13 Strange Coins

  • Class: Hunter
  • Upgrade Mats: Spirit Bloom (Venus)
  • Min Level: 20
  • Defense: 339/439
  • Light: +21
  • Strength +132
  • Mod 1: Revive teammates faster. Spawn more orbs.
  • Mod 2: Carry more ammo for Special Weapons
  • Mod 3: Carry more ammo for Hand Cannon

Random Exotic Engram (Helm) – 23 Motes of Light

Xur’s ready-made Exotic Engram can turn into a number of helpful exotic helms, including the all-powerful Achlyophage Symbiote helm that gives Hunters an extra shot with the Golden Gun.

It can also turn into the amazing useful Helm of Saint-14, a Defender Titan helm that blinds all enemies who choose to enter your bubble shield. This is incredibly useful in PVP and PVE, and serves as a massive tactical advantage that imbues your shield with an offensive capability.

Striker Tree

The Armementarium packs in an extra grenade for Titans, which is extremely useful for the Flashbang nade that disorients and blinds enemies for a short time.

What Should You Pick Up?

Should you pick up The Last Word handcannon? In a word, yes. It’s one of the best guns in the game, and its upgrades are positively amazing. When all mods are present you’ll have an eight-shot revolver that doesn’t even need to be aimed, and it can be fired like the last gunslinger, Roland Deschain.

Destiny DB has a fantastic article that breaks down the benefits of each of Xur’s wares, which is extremely useful considering most Guardians don’t have enough coin to pick them all up.

Out of all the armor sets, I have to say that I find the Armamentarium the most useful. Personally I use it on a Striker class Titan because there’s one extremely beneficial grenade that blinds foes for a short time–I’m talking about the flashbang grenade, of course.

Having two flashbangs is amazingly fun and can afford for some unique tactical advantage. They’re best used in clusters of baddies; one toss reduces even the most powerful of Wizards or Ascended Knights into gibbering, drunken simpletons that stagger around aimlessly for a short time.

And they also deal Arc damage.

But you’ll have to be careful with these ‘nades, as it’s possible to blind yourself in the process.

Get some practice under your belt and learn how they work–these grenades will bounce before igniting, and you can use this to your advantage–but in many ways hitting baddies with flashbangs seems like a sport. Once blinded, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Next Week

Hopefully Xur will have some more interesting gear next week, and always remember you rack up Strange Coins with Weekly Heroic Strikes, in the Tiger Strike playlist, with random blue engrams and as Weekly Nightfall rewards.