Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM: Affordable Starter Windows Phone

Value and conclusion

Nokia is a brand known for durable construction and well thought-of design. The same goes for the low-priced Lumia 530, which does give users decent performance for the price, coming at a durable package. The only drawback here, of course, is the screen. Users fond of selfies and videoconferencing will also be disappointed with the lack of a front-facing camera. This makes the Lumia 530 a smartphone meant for the first-time user or those not looking for any heavy multimedia usage.

At the $110 price point, however, it’s easy to forgive the Lumia 530’s shortcomings. Perhaps the biggest challenge to the 530 is the upcoming Microsoft-branded 535, which already offers a bigger screen (5 inches vs. 4), more RAM (1 GB vs. 512 MB) and a front-facing camera. The 530’s price has fallen from the ~$140 at launch to the $100 or so levels, so it should make for a good budget phone at this price.