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Toshiba Tablet, Acer PC, Sony TV: The Headlines in Tokyo for November 19

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for November 19, 2014.

NTS develops fireproofing coating agent
NTS Japan develops a new halogen free, liquid-based coating agent that can be applied on any material to instantly make it fireproof.

Toshiba reveals new Wacom pen-compatible tablet
Toshiba announces a new Dynabook Tab S model that will incorporate Wacom’s Active ES technology. No prices revealed yet, but the new Windows tablet is slated for a mid-December release.

Acer’s Aspire Switch 11 soon to arrive in Japan
Acer Japan finally announces the release date of its upcoming 2-in-1 notebook PC, the Aspire Switch 11 in Japan, which is on the 21st of November.

Sony’s new 4K OLED display set for early 2015 launch
Sony reveals the release date of its new upcoming 4K TV model for business use, the BVM-X300, which will use a 30-inch OLED screen. It will be commercially available around February next year, with a price tag that is equivalent to $33,000.00.

Buffalo releases DLPA 2.0 compliant NAS drives
Buffalo Japan announces its release of its new NAS drive, the Link station MyBox LS411DX. The new HDD will be compliant to the DLPA 2.0 remote access guidelines, and will be released sometime around the end of this year.

Kawasaki to develop an independent hydrogen production system
Kawasaki has recently revealed its plans to develop a new hydrogen production system, which will be used independently on some of its industrial establishments.