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Top Five Weird and Wacky Japanese Gadgets

We’ve always stereotypically known modern Japan as the land of the weird and unusual. However, that’s for a reason, especially considering the number of wacky gadgets and crazy inventions there that you’ll probably seldom see anywhere else. These may not be the weirdest of the weird, but here are the top five recently introduced weird Japanese gadgets that you might just find very interesting.


Muscle Mouse

Who says desk work is the enemy of physical fitness? With Muscle Mouse, you’ll never have to worry about not having the time to exercise anymore. This item is technically an ordinary wireless PC mouse, but is installed an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device. Just stick the electric pads to wherever part of your body you want to work out and voila! Instant exercise (to a degree). It has six different settings, each giving a different electric current pattern, so you’ll just have to find out which works better for your body.


Trash Thrower Chief

It might not be obvious at first glance, but this digital clock like thing is actually a trash disposal alarm and scheduler. That’s right; the Japanese are so meticulous about time that they would actually create a clock specifically for taking out the trash. You can set an alarm to specifically remind you the type of trash you’re supposed to take out, whether it is biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable, burnable and non-burnable trash. There’s also an “I’ve taken it out” button to automatically set the gadget to your next trash schedule. Oh, and you might want to know early on that it doesn’t have a ‘snooze’ button.


Portable Handy Mist Battery

Combining electronics with personal hygiene items usually takes the form of items such as this. However this gadget takes the concept at a different angle. The Portable Handy Mist Battery is exactly what it sounds like, a moisturizing mist that doubles as a power bank. So, not only do you have a handy (and stylish) instant moisturizer, because this thing can also provide extra juice to your gadgets. At 2200 mAh however, you’d probably want to bring more than one for a long trip.


Food Replica Smartphone/Tablet Stands

Japan’s food replica industry may not be the biggest, but it sure is one of the most dedicated in terms of actually making the fakes look real. Now, the industry is focusing on another trend: mobile device stands. Nope, no need to worry about that smartphone almost falling into a bowl of hot ramen; they’re all just mobile device stands. Just be reminded though that we do not recommend putting these stands beside the real thing, for obvious reasons.


USB Vibration Helmet

Tired after a hard working day? Can’t concentrate on your afternoon work? Then put this head massager on for instantly relief. Unlike a certain manually-used head massaging device, the USB Vibration Helmet is completely electronic and automatic. Just charge it via USB or pop a few AAA batteries, wear it on and you’re ready to massage. As a bonus, it also looks quite cool and futuristic, so it might help you do that classic Tron cosplay at nerd conventions without suffering from headaches too much.